I’m Laura, I’ve always had a zeal for baking and the entire creative process; whether it be about food, cooking or drawing.  I wish that your visit here inspires you to dust off your apron and get baking in the kitchen.

Growing up on my family’s dairy farm, the kitchen was always the heart of the home. It was a place to connect, laugh, and rest from the daily chores. I have many fond memories of watching my mother lovingly cook delicious meals and bake mouthwatering desserts for my family. We always knew that there was going to be a fantastic ending to every meal.  Flash forward a few years, I am now preparing delectable goodies for my husband and family to enjoy.  There is nothing quite like watching a loved one enjoy every morsel of a dessert that you so carefully prepared. It’s definitely a sweet blessing.

Each of these recipes you gather from here generally come from one of my many cookbooks, food magazines, or family recipes. It’s great to find a perfect recipe that satisfies every taste-bud.  Feel free to post a comment or rate the recipe to help out your fellow bakers. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you will continue coming back again and again!!


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