Butterfly Cake

This butterfly cake is so adorable!  I made it for a Spring baby shower and am super excited for the mom-to-be to see it.  It’s a basic white cake made from a butterfly pan and butter cream frosting.  I decided to frost the entire cake with a star tip (#21).  After a while your hands will begin to get sore from the piping bag, but the finished product is definitely worth it.


Fondant Bow Cake

I recently made this stacked cake with a fondant bow.  Needless to say, it took me quite a few hours from baking the cake, cooling, stacking, icing and then placing the fondant on the cake.  The bow was made four days in advance with fondant and gum-paste.  By using gum-paste, it allows the bow to dry and harden.  I bought the fondant from the local craft store but am really anxious to make the fondant from scratch.  It should definitely be an adventure.  I think it turned out quite well for my first shot at a fondant stacked cake!

Baptismal Cake

Raspberry Burst

This is cake that I recently made for a Baptism, consisting of a white cake, raspberry filling, and butter cream icing (as I call it, Raspberry burst).  It went over so well that I’m working on a stacked variety for weddings.